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Net Trap over a large size pond to kill birds like Kingfisher, heron, egret. Because of their idiotic mindset that those birds would grab all fishes. From the day one our movement against this cruel act is non-stop. Raise your voice protect these beautiful creatures.   Place: Beside NH 34 ,Near Adina Forest. West Bengal

Thread Trap  and fishing net over the main stream kills Ganges River Dolphin at Panchanandapur, Malda, W.B. INDIA . Unethical fishing practice is increasing day by day. If major conservation step not taken towards Save River Dolphin then we are going see them extinct soon.

Soumen Bakshi Wildlife Photography

  A sub-adult Golden Jackal was hit an run over intentionally  by small car. Place: Manikchak, West Bengal

Two Temminck's stint but they ware found dead,was poisoned by poacher   Place: Panchanadapur ,  West Bengal

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