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Wildlife Photography


Soumen is a wildlife photographer, who believes in conservation rather participating in photography competition. He mostly works for river life. Academically he is a graduate in arts. But he is interested on scientific study about wild animals. For him photography is only a way to help in wildlife conservation process. Since school days he has been dreaming to contribute some efforts in conservation process of endanger animals. But he belongs form an area of Central West Bengal, India. There are no such wildlife sanctuaries or national park.  But luckily there are few globally threatened animals like South Asian River Dolphin and Smooth coated otters. These illusive and endangered animals are only found on the river basin around his living location. And during winter photographing migratory birds are like a bonus to him. So he has pointed focus working on Gangetic plain. As he has not too many bucks to expense for long tour with limited photographic gears, He has developed an own style of work. As a wildlife photographer he develops a significant communication skill by which he has been travelling in low budget and getting more documentation. He has always been get attracted with charismatic animal like Ganges river dolphin. Presently he has been working as a consultant on a river biodiversity project (REAL) at Wildlife Conservation Trust. Soumen always feels lucky to have guidance of Dr. Nachiket Kelkar, Mr. Subhasish Dey, Mr. Tarun Nair and more those who are vastly experienced in wildlife biology and river ecology.

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